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Dear partners and guests,  

Hereby we wish to inform you on the measures we all are obliged to observe according to the recommendations and stipulated restrictions as required by the relevant authorities, with the aim to prevent COVID-19 infection and to protect the health and safety in our marina. 


We are constantly following all events relating to COVID-19 around the world and especially in the Republic of Croatia, whereas our primary goal is the health and safety of our guests and staff. 

We follow the guidelines given by the relevant institutions of the Republic of Croatia and act according to the stipulated COVID -19 infection prevention procedures as well as according to the procedures stipulated in case of COVID-19 infection in our marina.


In that respect, we inform you on the actions in ports of nautical tourism related to the COVID-19 epidemic stipulated by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure. 


Navigators arriving in the Republic of Croatia by boat have to go through the border formalities at the maritime border crossing points. 


If the persons onboard do arrive from high-risk areas, they are sent to quarantine (foreigners) i.e. to self-isolation (Croatian citizens). 

Information on risk areas are listed and updated on the webpage:

In case of a high-risk group, the persons-foreigners are sent to an organised quarantine, whereas the incurred costs have to be borne by themselves. The Decision on Compulsory Quarantine is made by the border sanitary inspector, and the transport to quarantine must be escorted by the police. If the group refuses to go to quarantine, they have to leave the Republic of Croatia by sea. 


If the persons onboard arrive form other risk areas (according to the latest announcement made by the National Civil Protection Team of the Republic of Croatia), they are sent to self-isolation. 


Croatian citizens are submitted to compulsory house quarantine / self-isolation over the shortest possible way. 

Foreigners shall be submitted to compulsory house quarantine / self-isolation, if they can prove a provided accommodation at entering the Republic of Croatia, whereas they have to reach that accommodation on the shortest possible way. Self-isolation onboard is not an option, i.e. only provided accommodation ashore is considered provided self-isolation. If the foreigners do not have any proof on provided accommodation onshore for the purpose of self-isolation, they must leave the Republic of Croatia by sea. 


In case of imposed self-isolation, the persons have to navigate the boat from the border crossing port to the port of nautical tourism with ensured berth. In case a person is imposed quarantine, the persons onboard have to navigate their boat from the border crossing port to the port of nautical tourism closest to the place of organised quarantine. 

Upon securing the boat in the port of nautical tourism, the persons are obliged to inform the relevant authorities by phone the number of which they received at the border crossing point. 


Upon arrival, the concessionaire of the port of nautical tourism is obliged to check whether the persons onboard have a Decision on Self-isolation or on Quarantine, and to inform the border police regarding the boat arrival. 


The persons are obliged to provide their own transport from the boat to the place of self-isolation/quarantine. The transport is escorted exclusively by the Civil Protection managing the quarantine.


The owner/possessor of the boat is obliged to provide for the boat, meaning providing a berth and ensuring the disinfection of the boat. The boat disinfection procedure shall be monitored by the concessionaire of the port of nautical tourism.   


All persons acting contrary to the aforementioned orders are subject to penalty. 


With regard to the current circumstances, we kindly ask and recommend to postpone all your travels that are not essential at this moment, so we can all together responsibly contribute to COVID-19 infection prevention, while in case of an indispensable journey, please comply with all the aforementioned instructions. 


Marina Kremik d.o.o. is legally bound to report any and all violation of mentioned instructions to the relevant institutions. 



With aim to ensure all stipulated health prevention and Covid-19 epidemic control measures, Marina Kremik d.o.o. adjusted its operating activities to the incurred circumstances: 


  • safety measures regarding marina entrance and exit control have been increased 
  • a number of employees have been organised in a manner to ensure health protection according to given recommendations (keeping up maximum distance to each other, following the strict measure of social distancing) 
  • Points with hand disinfectants are provided in user areas
  • Provided information on general guidelines for infectious disease risk prevention 
  • Accentuated instructions and recommendations regarding basic rules of hygiene and strict measures of social distancing 
  • All indoor rooms/objects within the marina are aired, cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis 



We are quite aware that this is a very unusual and uncertain time for all of us, but we want you to know that Your security and the security of our staff is top priority. Health comes first, and we believe that by joint efforts, complying with the recommendations set by relevant authorities, we can contribute to the prevention and control of this epidemic. 

Hopefully, we shall all soon return to our usual lifestyle and business activities, so with this end in view, we send you kind regards and wish you good health while being at your disposal. 


Dario Tamajo

Manager of Marina Kremik


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